Instead of roadmaps


Instead of roadmaps


Torque is community-driven and open-source. Everyone can join.


Torque offers user-friendly blockchain tools for everyday devices.


IPFS and Zeronet enable features like immutable node lists.


The network is blockchain analysis resistant. All data is private.

Coin distribution

Total supply
21 billion XTC
Circulating supply
8.45 billion XTC
Market cap
0.77 million USD


0,6 % pre-mine
GUI & mobile miner
2 % dev fee
1 XTC per transaction

The Torque network

A further decentralized cryptocurrency

Adaptive and anonymous

CryptoNote v9

Provides adaptive network limits, anonymity and resistance to double-spending-attacks.

Decentralized storage


IPFS serves as a decentralized storage for the node lists and checkpoints.

P2P file distribution


A web-like P2P-protocol is used to distribute the files. Checkpoints are maintained off chain.

The wallet

No need to reinvent the wheel

A robust wallet

The GUI & CLI wallet is based on the battle-tested Monero code base. It provides control over the nodes and private keys.

Remote nodes

Remote nodes allow you to broadcast transactions without synchronizing the node list.

Alternatively use the CLI wallet or Paper wallet


A payment gateway for Torque

Status: Closed beta


  • No daemon needed
  • Zero confirmation transactions
  • Low fee transactions
  • Payment webhooks
  • Easy integration
Follow @TorquePay

Point of sale

For all card readers

point of sale
Status: Prototype development

Build your own POS

Just install the app on your preferred card reader and start accepting payments right away.

Without any middleman

The Torque POS doesn't need to be verified by any service provider.

GUI miner

Start mining within a few clicks

GUI miner

User-friendly and informative

The GUI miner is easy to set up and displays all the relevant information about your device and the network.

CPU mining

By restricting big mining hardware like ASICs, you benefit from a better hashrate distribution.

Go to mining pools

Mobile mining

Device friendly and adaptive

Status: Internal Alpha

For all smart devices

The miner runs on devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles and even your car.

Without damaging your hardware

By using the AMAYC protocol, the miner doesn't damage or overheat your device.

Current Version

Adamantium v5

5 min block time


Reduces orphan blocks and saves blockchain space.

Sub addresses


Allows multiple addresses under the same wallet.

Multi signature


A group of users will be able to sign a single transaction.

IPFS & ZeroNet

Status: In development

Adds decentralized file storage capabilities to the network.

Get in touch

News, support and contact


News and updates about Torque.

Support & contact

Contact the developers or ask for technical support.


Hang out with the community.

Thank you for being part of the community!